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The bluepages finally started to take more shape and direction after a couple of meetings with Sally and the team. The layout that inspired the initial design was the Really Wild Flowers website.


One of the documents that highlight the BRII blue pages layout considerations / ideas [google doc – need authorisation for viewing] can be read online for start.


The intial ‘blurb’ for the tabs can be found on the Bluepages content for website [google doc – need authorisation for viewing]


A very general idea was crated with the Balsamiq Mockups application and the screens created are below:


Homepage mockup

Homepage mockup


  • The Homepage had some alterations from the group, the search box on the top will include/assume basic search from People, Department and Projects.
  • The tab Advanced Search will be renamed to “Search by…” to make it easier and more obvious for the user
  • The tab How to Contribute will be aggregated to the tab “Add your data”
  • The main blurb on the page will be shorter, almost like a “punch line” for the Bluepages
  • Mouse over the Research Activity will open little ‘tooltip’ with more information about what is considered a Research activity (projects, contracts, grants, clinical trials, awards)


Browsing by People

Browsing by People mockup


Profile mockup

Profile mockup


  • The source of information is to be moved to the top of the page, to make it obvious where it came from
  • The reporting missing or incorrect information will have more functions (or more buttons, TBC)
  • Button “Do you know this person? Ask them to update their profile!”, “Is this you? Claim your profile!”


We have discussed a few features and functions that can be beneficial for the bluepages (atm only ideas and we’ll try to add as much as possible, but not 100% confirmed that all the features below will be on the final bluepages), information came from a list of features from existing systems:


  • Add your data – simple registration (name, login, email, pwd) then goes for the second step of webauth to add info in the registration form (entering more information on the profile).  First “edit” of the information through the web becomes ‘unverified’ until we do a manual verification of the profile.
  • One line – tweeter style – focus on the question: “What are you working on today?”
  • Allow owner of profile to attach web photo/avatar
  • Import colleagues/collaborators – allow user to mark collaborators that are in the Bluepages
  • Send invitation to colleagues / share this
  • Allow short / full profile and user to switch visibility of parts of his/hers profile
  • % of completeness (team to define which items will add to 100%) only shown to the profile owner when is logged in
  • Rank of contributors – mispelling corrections, etc.
  • ‘Contact this person’ link on profile – this will redirect to the Oxford contact list (link to search that result close matches) or to twitter account if person has one
  • Possible widgets like Dopplr, Flickr, Facebook, etc.
  • Faceted search, search by author/add author, all/any of these; refine your search/search again; search order/reorder results
  • Mouse over for more details on short descriptions/abstracts of publications, for example
  • Recent activity (searches done) – user can turn on/off and clear (this uses session information, so it will be reviewed in the future)
  • Subject areas (graph like) on department pages to see their breakdown
  • Department/group page – possible to send email to the administrator
  • Atom feed (alerts of changes on the profile, eg: new publications)
  • List of journals this person has published in (pretty graph? – Scopus style). Example: this person publish 3 articles on X journal, 10 papers in Y journal, 2 articles in Z journal.
  • Display of documents/books and publications (getting information from libraries and Amazon) – List8d project illustrate that, see the video below:


List8D from Mark Fendley on Vimeo.

Our submission for the Dev8D Developer Decathlon

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