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BRII Meeting (1)

Idea: get a significant amount of data from the different university departments/colleges in a sort of collaboration. Mostly profiles of researches and areas of interest to make available and searcheable for future use withing the university (and outside).

Meeting with departments/key people was determined to be only 30 minutes; more will be too long, less would be too short.

Comlab accepted to collaborate with the project and could also be a bridge between Baby lab and linguistics group.

Another project with similar concepts is the Core User Directory where not only profiles will be gathered but also the different affiliations of each person.

A quick discussion about which survey tool could be used for gathering some information when a one-to-one meeting is not possible took place, and Google forms was raised, but Survey monkey had more features and was easier to control (and add security) so was chosen for a test.

A few items were also mentioned as:

  • creating templates for briefings
  • use of openID
  • RESTful template/interface (bluepages?)
  • mindmap
  • BRII blog
  • Sharepoint
  • trac

The ideal situation on getting the data is to get ‘live’ data instead of static. So once one piece of information is updated the data on the system will reflect the changes.

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