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BRII Meeting

This meeting was on 13/03/2009

There is an issue of the developer hire, the delay was of about 2 months and this is becoming a pressuing issue as the time passes.

RDFA capabilities: represent the data on whatever format the user needs.

Some names:

Ed Summers – library of congress

Dave Flanders – within bid for collaboration

My involvement: focus on the ORA interface then the BRII bluepages.

Pinfox – system developed within NDM (Nuffield Department of clinical Medicine); used to enter information about their research, which includes research activity information, some bits of finance, costing, grants. It supports most of their administrative processes. It generate reports and populate some parts of the NDM’s website. It allows to control NDM’s research projects on a daily basis. After some explanation they understood what BRII was about (sitting ‘on top’ of Pinfox, and not as replacement) and were very interested.

Different interest areas for users: collaboration, use, general info.

NEEO project -> Economics.

NERC/ESRC – available data that can be used.

e-Humanities hub: gathering data already, project overlaps (people, support events).

Cluster meeting: people working in projects in the similar area on the same JISC round hold meetings/events in each group. Oxford will have one (and we have to ‘prepare’ for the 2nd life event).

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