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BRII Meeting

Vocabularies (some in

Quality of data (for future bluepages):

  • flag problems with data (wrong spelling of name, etc)
  • one-button-form
  • compounded info (2 places) that can be tracked back
  • record of the source 9dept, person responsible, website, etc)

Some people offered data but it has to be analysed… if it is not good or not well formatted the data might not be taken into consideration and should be reported why.

Website ‘output’ RDF (medical sciences)

Widget to pull-out info from ORA (bibliography, for example) – Atom feeds.

Katie Portwin – specialist in RDF.


  • Remembering what Themes are (“cancer”, “heart”, etc).
  • Spin-off ontologies
  • ICT project (check) – “people data”
  • Dlib journal (digital links/linked data) – library of congress subject headings.

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