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To unleash your creativity you should do exercises to unblock this “special feature” of yours.

Many times when trying to get a solution to a problem we put mental barriers based on functionality, preferences and other judgments waaaay before we even start putting our ideas in the paper.

The process of brainstorming would allow us to unleash part of our creativity if we don’t filter ANY of the ideas/outcome.

Give it a try, right now… if I tell you to think about a colour and then I ask you what you would do or not with that colour what your thoughts would be? would you use it for drawing? for painting? designing interiors? dressing? eating? drinking? dreaming? In what situation would you apply or not the colour you’ve chosen?

If we block any possibility just because it can be unpractical or even ridiculous (on our initial opinion) we are already diminishing the power of our creativity and with that, the power of finding solutions when we are in caos…

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