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DAMS Meeting

1) Luna on Fedora. Idea is to pull information from Fedora and run the interface considering coordinates overlay.

2) Sympletic – REF call, it is a proprietary system, deals with science journals, maths, etc. Sold to central admin to hold all REF items. Get holdings -> can get entire Sympletic metadata. There is no “munging” of records so keep many of them.

3) Islamic Digitisation Project. JISC (Cambridge) + Yale Maps (Fedora but sitting atm in Greenstone – not shareable).

4) PASIG – 24th June in Malta – preservation archive. Stanford: how you architecture a digital library?

5) MDICS – Google crossref with OPAC records – Set of tools to pull the results of Google digitisation process.

DIAMMS – music manuscripts with metadata (variable), use a set of tools on disc without individually going through Fedora (“fedora light”). Just update index after the processing with Fedora light and update the count of GB.

HADB (honeycombe internal database) it gets where the objects are.

object_id  -> object_id_datastream

Not only list the objects but also query a specific collection.

Open storage boxes (Sun supporting) – will be ued as NFS boxes (VMs) with a web-based config interface. Inherit components from Honeycombe2.

Check Sun QFS – have objects + metadata like Honeycombe.

Fedora for us is the Architecture (bags of stuff) plus to keep simple the APIs (Rest). However not yet updated, it stalled from codebase.

D-space (Mike Diggery).

6) OULS Digital Preservation Strategy – covers the digital matters. DAMS + electronic records management (ex. Sharepoint) will be thrown at the department.

Bourne digital -> DAMS (preservation, not access).

Hydra Project (Stanford) same structures of DAMS: Apps -> Tools -> Object management -> Storage -> VMs.

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