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DAMS Project

A meeting from the DAMS team made me generate these notes. The project is ambitious and has many points to be a successful one. I’m still not fully involved in the project and I hope that this will happen soon.

The project and services pages is at and more specific about the DAMS project can be also seen in this page.

The trac system is used, which is equivalent to a wiki, allows attaching files, code sub-vsn, tickets (bug tracking), roadmap (milestones), etc. It is also an event management system and is unique place to all projects.

Why use the trac system?

  • JISC accepts blogs and wikis as documentation
  • has RSS feeds for timeline changes
  • XSLT >> reports
  • backend is in Python, currently in VMWare

Vocabulary used as standard and created by projects will be at

Event-message system

The filesystem has the structure:


JMS – Java messaging system, queue with msgs (stack)

AMQP – email msg type

RabbitMQ (silent: success, noise: fail) – indexes, specify in advance a queue

Fedora – 2 queues:  API-M and API-A (CRUD – create, read, update, delete)


  • digitisation
  • Store “things” and metadata about them, independent of Fedora
  • components, open interfaces, open standards


  • object storage, cluster / distributed system, live replicas
  • MAD (idle disks)
  • Honeycombe (self-healing system)
  • search engines (indexing accessing)


  • simplicity interfaces
  • reduce dependency of third-parties
  • abstraction layers/resolvers


  • enhance long-term availability
  • disaster-recovery
  • snapshot of VMs on the system
  • digital preservation
  • represent the entire collection


  • implementation of interfaces
  • avoid low-level interfaces (use standard interfaces)


  • budget, archival, migrate skills
  • from analogue to digital culture

DAMS Phase 2

Skills needed for the future and the current projects.

Honeycombe – write once read many. Make amends, difference and commit later.

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