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Corpse – Fragility of life

I saw a small fox laying on the side of the road a few days ago… I think was more or less a week ago…

The body was beautifully positioned, almost systematic, so you could see it laying there, peaceful.

It was sad to see a dead animal, but it was so beautiful in itself that the death didn’t bring me deep sadness, and passing by it side, many days now, you can see the slow decomposition and the loss of its character.

Still, despite the ‘dark’ tone in this post and the situation that presented itself to my eyes this past days, every time I pass by I almost want to say “hello”, “how have you been?”, “hopefully you are in peace and being taken care by angels”.

I know that it will be still there tomorrow, slowing losing its mass and fur, and for many days to come… but I will still say ‘hello’ and I still will think about the fragility of our own lives…

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