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For many years the University of Oxford has been storing and archiving many items trying to preserve these materials. However, many of them cannot really be ‘indefinetely preserved’ unless a new form of preservation is applied. The project futureArch came along to help the long-term preservation of digital materials (and others). Read more about it. Check the project’s blog or the main description on the Bodleian page.


Idea is to preserve as a permanent feature (not for 5-10-50 years, but ‘forever’).


Bodleian has special collections and there are many self-archive collections of politicians, historians, etc. that are born-digital.


When and how preserve, check the authenticity of a document.


Project to preserve not only the document itself but the applications that allow the document to be opened/viewed. Versions of software, emulators/simulators can be used but also need to be preserved for the future access of that individual document.


Project to also cathegorise the many documents types and if there is a document it can be retrieved from the repository.


An example of classification can be viewed on the Sir Isaiah Berlin collection.

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