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This was a talk about Copyright by Rowan Wilson at the University of Oxford in 2011.

There is a Ripple Project (education) has a few other resources including a ‘toolkit’ with an interesting video about copyright –

General information about Intellectual Property can be found at and especifically about Copyright at:

Interesting points about this talk was:

  • Copyright comes to existence at the same time that the work is fixed (in fixed form). An “original” is defined as a work that some labour was added to it, effort to create
  • Contractors/consultants own their own work, unless you/employer/University says otherwise
  • Always check your contract details if you plan to keep copyright of your creations either in form of presentation, artwork, programming code, etc.
  • Moral rights – adapt/modify and put in opposite context (for example)
  • On regulations/rules, in general a server/page could be taken down because of defamation/infringement in about 24hs
  • One interesting example of copyright was photos of Eiffel Tower at night that is copyrighted by the French Government, and in theory, you shouldn’t publish any of your pictures of it with the risk of infringement of copyright

There are a few interesting remarks about fair dealings exceptions:

  • research and private study
  • criticism, review and news reporting (using minimum of material)
  • things for purpose of instruction/examination
  • exceptions libraries/librarians (can make copies for readers)

Copyright licence has many factors: exclusive/non-exclusive, territorial, timed, etc.

You can find context you can share, use and remix via

Open educational resources (podcasts) from the University of Oxford –

Open Learn from the Open University –

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