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New year, new start, new job

Has been almost a full week since I left my old job at the airport and started a new one at the university.

I had so many meetings that was almost overwhelming… simply different and interesting, since I didn’t have anything like this in previous jobs.

There are a lot of new concepts to grasp and I also have to give a good brush-up on my ‘basic’ Python skills.

This is the time to take my “programmer out of the box” let her breath and charge her with all the new knowledge and test the old-dusty lines of code still existing in her “computational brain”.

Just now I’m installing the Sun VirtualBox in my laptop (since my previous desktop is almost empty now) and I will try to install some new shiny toys like Fedora and other linux versions.

I’m also checking some documentation on the Python website.

I will probably start a new blog, completely work-related to help documenting steps of my development.

Last, but not least, I’m very happy with the changes. The environment is relaxed but very professional. Common sense is applied all the way and you feel part of something bigger, and with a purpose.

I am very greatful to a friend that help me and somehow look after me during the process… from the start: letting me know about the vacancy, references, guiding me throught it. THANK YOU! you know who you are! 🙂

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