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Object-Centric Values and Strategies

Value Justification Strategy
Identity To distinguish an object from others Persistent naming, actionable resolution
Viability To recover an object from its medium Redundancy, heterogeneity, media refres
Fixity To ensure that an object is unchanged from its accepted state Redundancy, error-corrrecting codes, message digests
Authenticity To ensure that an object is what it purports to be Provenance, cryptographically-secure signatures
Ontology To understand an object’s significant nature Syntactic, semantic, and pragmatic characterization
Visibility To enable users to find objects of interest Public discovery systems and registries, exposure for web harverst
Utility To expose an object’s underlying content Behaviour-rich delivery
Portability To facilitate content sharing and succession planning Self-contained, self-documenting objects, packaging standards
Appraisement To understand the consequences of time Analysis and assessment
Timelines To know when a preservation value is threatened Technology watch, stakeholder engagement

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