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Out of the loop

Sometimes you feel out of the loop. It is very frustrating at work when you don’t feel much part of the team, especially if you have some skills that will benefit the group but no one pays attention to it, or just ignore that you have that knowledge.

Of course that this has much to do with ego… if you do care about your achievements an also getting credit for some of it it will hurt if nobody ‘tap on your back’ and say ‘congratulations, or good work’.

I always try to keep the ego at bay and just do a good work that naturally can be recognised, but if at some point you are excited about a particular project and other people start fiddling with it you can become quite ‘maternal’ and the instinct is to protect ‘your babies, your project’ from the outside strangers…

But, as soon as I thought about this post and also about how some people just leave you out of the loop, they came back to me for the base advice/implementation. So, I cannot complain more…

I just wish that some communications were more open and clear, a board with some responsibilities would do…


Hoping for the best yet to come… have a great day!

“Respect is never making anyone’s shortcomings a target for laughter.”

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