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Oxford Geek Nights 35

Pre-SmashingConf talks!

I loved this OGN. It was reduced number, actually controlled and it gave more space for people to talk, mingle, “network”, and you could actually ‘breathe’.


Responsive Redesign Projects
Joe Leech –

Big clients/hotel projects. Bigger customers, higher numbers and bigger responsibility about costs (in a multimillion company a small error/problem could cost millions).

He suggests: conversion numbers in between non-responsive and responsive -> get closer to a parity. (A/B testing, etc.)

Introduction To Digital Adaptations
Paul Boag –

Need for helping and advising customers changing mentality to have web not as aside tool, but as a business motivation and more at is centre (core maybe?).

He suggests: Help customers/company to ‘integrate’ instead of being the ‘code monkey’.

How I Put The Domesday Book Online
Anna Paul-Smith –

Created a great historic map with added metadata based on the Doomsday Book – – using geodjango

A Fresh Take On Content Management
Tom & Ollie – from wagtail

Created streamlined, clear-looking CMS, using Django.
“NIH – not invented here”


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