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A lifetime ago

It does seem like a lifetime ago since my last post was published. Life got busy, and in the past five years, it was even busier with a new family addition.

I have been doing minimal freelance jobs and mostly family-related work, and feeling “rusty” is inevitable. Technologies can change daily (in some cases), and that insurmountable feeling of getting obsolete with the knowledge I acquired before is daunting and crippling.

As the title says… a lifetime ago… do we still remember many details of our “past lives”?

I finally opened this editor to start again, almost from scratch, with the hope of catching up with the basics and perhaps going a bit further, learning some new technologies and being on trend with AI and the best tools of the moment.

So, this is a short post to say “Hello, I’m still here” but motherhood took me on a huge detour, and I’m now back to “tech stuff”. I plan to post some discoveries – as basic as they might seem – because when I write and make notes, I learn again – and perhaps someone else needs these notes and posts too.

Until next time!

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